App Store Optimization

The Secret to Launching the Hottest Apps on Any Mobile Platform

App store optimization is a crucial step that all developers must take when launching their apps. Otherwise, your apps will hit the market dead on arrival.

Typically, you have just 72 hours after launching your app before it’s sunk into obscurity – or catapulted onto the lists of top downloads. If you don’t take the right app store optimization steps before the launch, then your app is bound to be a failure.

If you’ve already launched an app, then you’ve probably experienced these challenges first-hand. Making your app a wild success isn’t a game of chance – and it shouldn’t be either, considering the time and money you’ve invested. To get your app noticed, you need a solid optimization strategy with methods that are proven to boost downloads from Day 1.

Why app store optimization is crucial:

  • You’ve only got one chance. If you don’t do it right the first time, then your app will be dead in the water. When launching your app, you have very little time for it to get noticed before it gets buried. If people aren’t finding your app after about 3 days, then chances are they never will.
  • Thousands of dollars could go down the drain. Serious developers invest $1,000s into their apps, not to mention thousands of hours in development time. But if you don’t implement the right app store optimization methods, then the app will be a complete failure – and all that time and money will be wasted.
  • Your future apps could be at risk. Developers with high-performing apps are rewarded with great rankings when their new apps are released. But this means the opposite is also true. If you release a dud, your future apps may not get the attention they deserve. To avoid this, you must be sure to take advantage of app store optimization methods before you release your apps to the public.

How to Optimize Apps for Maximum Exposure

App store optimization is what makes the difference between a killer app and one that gets killed. In many ways, app optimization is a lot like SEO for websites – except the risks of not implementing these methods can be much greater in the mobile world. Regardless of which marketplace(s) you choose to launch your apps on, you have very little time to get it right. Here are some of the key factors that influence your app’s visibility:

  •  Keywords - No surprises here. If your app description and associated content aren’t incorporating the keywords that people are searching for, then they simply won’t find it. Game over.
  • App Name - The app name alone carries a ton of weight when it comes to app store optimization. That doesn’t mean you have to eliminate a creative, branded name by loading it with keywords. But there are effective ways to keep your name’s originality while also optimizing it for increased visibility.
  • Non-Mobile Promotions  - Your app’s launch doesn’t stop at the app store! To ensure your app will be successful, you must align the launch with effective offline marketing, PR and websites that are also optimized.

Introducing Apptimizationfrom FreshRankings

Apptimization™ is a complete app store optimization solution from the SEO experts at FreshRankings. We combine proven, effective app optimization tactics with proprietary technology to help skyrocket downloads for app developers. Apptimization™ uses the same core principles as our profit-surging internet optimization solutions, but fine-tuned and customized for the unique demands of the app marketplace. Our app store optimization methods are available for all mobile applications and media, across all app stores on every mobile OS:

  •  Apple App Store
  • Android Play Store (formerly the Android Market)
  • Windows App Store
  • Blackberry App World

Regardless of which platforms you choose for your apps, our app store optimization will help ensure that your app doesn’t get buried beneath the millions of competing applications in your market.

App Store Optimization: How We Do It

Our app store optimization deploys a multi-channel strategy to optimize apps for maximum visibility. Because every app is unique, our app store optimization strategies are carefully tailored to your individual needs, application type and market.

Here’s what we do:

  • Research your marketplace extensively –  We learn your app, inside and out, to see what makes it unique and how it fits in the marketplace. We compare your competitors and outline a specific strategy for separating your app from the rest of the pack.
  • Target the right demographic – You may think you know who your potential customers are. But sadly, many developers miss the opportunity to reach key demographics when they launch their apps. Even worse, some developers don’t consider these issues at all. A crucial element of our app store optimization is determining who your customers really are, what they’re looking for, and how your app marketing should be positioned to reach the greatest number of people.
  • Make your message consistent - If you’re launching your app in multiple stores, you must be sure that you have a clear, consistent message across all platforms. No matter how long you’ve been in the market, we’ll turn your app and development company into a well-established brand that stands out and builds trust with users.
  • Promote your app heavily - Before you launch your app, we’ll execute careful promotions that boost visibility and increase interest. Our job is to get people craving your app long before it hits the marketplace.
  • Optimize, optimize, optimize - Every single element of your app promotions and store content must be optimized to reach the highest number of users. From your app description to your website, we’ll implement our effective optimization strategies across the board.

Start Your Apptimization™ Today

FreshRankings has doubled and tripled the sales revenue of its clients and can help your app be wildly successful on any mobile platform. Our proprietary technology and strategies have produced multi-million dollar revenue increases for our customers. Before you launch your app, plug into our app store optimization and implement the tactics you need to stand out from the crowd.

Contact FreshRankings today to learn more about app store optimization.