We work in a partnership with brands that deserve to be in the forefront of their marketplace.

Just as you are selective about who you choose to partner with for your marketing strategies for your brand, we are selective about who we work with. By promoting a business, we are giving them the “secret sauce” that they need to achieve market dominance.

With that being said, it is extremely important to us that we only work with brands that we feel we can achieve positive growth for. Our services are most definitely not a fit for everyone. Our customers must be already established and profitable on their own. If you are running low on marketing dollars, and looking for a cheap way to turn your business around in month, your time will be better spent with a different type of service provider.

Internet Optimization is not achieved by hitting a magic button to get your business to the top of the search engines. It’s a science that requires a high-level of focus, attention, technology, logic, strategic planning, problem solving, and creativity.

There is a common thread amongst the customers who have enjoyed the most success from working with us. A successful partnership with a customer occurs when they understands the importance of collaboration. 1+1=3.

Here’s What We Look for in Customers:

  • Scalability – In order to begin using The FreshRankings System to promote a brand, we must feel comfortable in knowing that they can handle substantial increases in traffic and sales, and be able to sustain growth on a commercial level.
  • Viability – Promoting brands that do not deserve commercial visibility is damaging to our brand and to the global marketplace. By collaborating with a brand, we are essential putting our seal of approval on their legitimacy. Viability is imperative.
  • Marketability – Your brand is quality, your products are good, your content is superior and original. Now you need the competitive edge necessary to maximize your marketing and advertising strategies.  We cannot be the sole reason a business becomes successful, but we are experts at making profitable brands become more successful.

If you believe your brand would be a strong candidate to partner with FreshRankings, please visit our Plans & Pricing  page to get more information.