FreshRankings | The Future of SEO – January, 1. 2012


Attention: The official public launch of FreshRankings is set for January 1st, 2012, and we are currently accepting new customers. We are excited to announce that our official website will be live in the New Year.  

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Los Angeles, California – December 2011

Official Public Launch of FreshRankings Set for January 1, 2012. 

Justin Lofton, CEO, alongside of executive team; Michael Sueoka, Doug Farber, Ethan Rosenberg, and Matthew Borden have announced an official launch of Internet Optimization and Search Engine Optimization company, FreshRankings, is set for January 1, 2012 in Los Angeles, CA .

About FreshRankings

FreshRankings began its incubation in December of 2010, and incorporates the use of search engine optimization, social media, conversion optimization, brand development, and web development to increase sales and profits for companies. FreshRanings has developed a proprietary system to increase organic search engine rankings for businesses seeking to take a leadership role in their marketplace. FreshRankings is slated to become a market leader for search marketing in 2012.

Over the past year, FreshRankings has successfully doubled and tripled the annual sales revenue for many of their customers during the incubation of the company through vigorous research & development. The use of the FreshRankings’ system has yielded multi-million dollar revenue increases in the companies for which they have applied their services.

Statistically, companies that are not ranking in the top 5 positions on Google are missing out on an estimated 93% of their targeted traffic. By achieving top ranking positions for customers on popular search engines, FreshRankings gives companies a competitive edge to attract new customers to their respective product or service.

Justin Lofton, CEO, says; “We wanted to help businesses find the opportunities in their marketplace.  Our company helps businesses plan and execute winning online marketing campaigns, and keeping them ahead of the curve.  In today’s competitive market, companies cannot afford to be complacent with their marketing strategies. They need a partner that they can trust to deliver results consistently. FreshRankings provides just that.”