Are You “Google Rich?” Content = Online Currency.

Content is King for Search Engine Optimization

Businesses looking to allocate their online marketing dollars in the most cost-effective way need to consider one question—What really matters? You are probably dumping heaps of money into all types of online strategies, and hopefully seeing an ROI. There are many are many great options for online marketing that can benefit your business. Search engine optimization has proven to be most effective way to see an ROI online by increasing your organic web traffic. If you are looking to achieve substantial results you’re your search engine optimization, we cannot overemphasize importance of content creation for your website.

Historically, SEO strategies are founded on the principle of building as many backlinks as possible to the web properties involved in the campaign. By building links, the search engines interpret popularity. Each one of the links is essentially a “vote” that says your website is relevant and valuable to the search engine results of the keywords that you are targeting. Recently, the search engines have put a heavier emphasis on other areas of focus in addition to backlink building.

Are You Being Penalized for Duplicate Content?

For the first time in 2011, Google began putting its foot down on online piracy as a part of their “PANDA” update, and started penalizing websites in violation of posting duplicate content. Search engine algorithms are now putting major emphasis on content:

  • Freshness – We recommend you begin by blogging once per week, and steadily increase to posting once per day.
  • Originality – Make sure that the content you are posting is 100% original to avoid being penalized for duplicating.
  • High Quality – Are you adding value to the global marketplace? Establish dominance and trust for your brand name by creating quality content.

Copywriting for SEO is not about packing your text chock-full of keywords to the point where the text is incoherent. In 2012, search engines are looking to see if you are adding value to the marketplace with your content, and judging you accordingly. Content has become a new form of currency, and a huge contributing factor for successful Search Engine Optimization strategies.

To give our customers a competitive advantage over other businesses in their marketplace, FreshRankings has incorporated professional content creation services as a part of the service that we provide. As a partner to our customers in driving successful strategies online, we are helping to put premium content to fuel positive rankings.

Speak To The Needs of Your Marketplace

How can you create content that people are already searching for? We begin by identifying the questions being asked frequently most frequently in the market online. Our team of professional copywriters uses keywords to create high-quality content and blog posts for our customers. We promote this content with their keyword campaigns, and put their brand in front of the market to answer the questions that people are asking. By giving people the valuable information that they are looking for, we help businesses build trust, and increase their level of visibility online.

Build An Arsensal of Content

Once your text content is posted online, it’s a part of your online presence until it’s taken down. It’s an investment that accumulates and continues to benefit your search engine optimization strategies perpetually. When a person in your marketplace has a question, your helpful information could be all of the trust that they need to convert that traffic into a sale.

Proactively assisting our customers with content creation is just one of the many ways that we give businesses a competitive edge, and drive winning SEO strategies.

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