The reality is, if your company is not in the top 5 positions in Google for your niche, you are missing out on 93% of the traffic; real buyers who are searching for your product or service. The businesses in the top spots are counting cash and raking in your potential traffic, sales, and profits. The FreshRankings team can help you grow…Fast!


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 “I know that SEO is a long-term proposition, so I was pleasantly surprised when we saw our rankings rise in the very first month, and by the second month were ranking on the first page of Google for some very lucrative keywords! (I would say what those keywords are but Justin would probably say I should keep that to myself.)

I am pretty SEO savvy, but running a small business I just didn’t have time to put everything in place. With the FreshRankings team, we’ve been able to outsource our SEO efforts entirely and just focus on converting the leads – which is a full time job because we are now getting 50-100 new email addresses every single day.

Our numbers keep going up and we will definitely be sticking with this plan long-term. The additional exposure we’re getting from search is fundamental to the growth of my business, and I can’t believe I waited so long to get a real SEO action plan in place.”

Laura Roeder – LauraRoeder.com


 “I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on SEO and PPC campaigns and I have never seen even a fraction of the results I have seen in the past 6-months working with the FreshRankings team.

My sales at StealthAuto.com have already tripled and the numbers are still going up. I have quickly become a market leader in the online auto modifications niche. They get my highest endorsement. FreshRankings works!

Todd Staples – Owner/Founder- StealthAuto.com