Internet Optimization


New to Internet Optimization?

If you are a little intimidated by new branches of marketing and advertising such as Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click Advertising, (Search Engine Marketing) or Social Media Marketing, you’re  certainly not alone. Even some of the largest online retailers are still learning how to Internet Optimization works and understanding the major benefits of using professional SEO services to grow their business. We’ve made it simple for businesses in any market to get started quickly and easily, and begin dominating their online marketing strategies.

How Can You Get Started?

The world of SEO is becoming increasingly complex, and difficult to fully comprehend right away. Fortunately for the companies we work with, we’ve perfected the science behind it, and boiled it down so that individuals in any market (with little to know knowledge of technology at all) can understand how we do what we do, and most importantly, how it will effect their bottom line.

The FreshMethod provides a clear strategy, and comprehensive information that will walk you through the process as you work with us. Of course, you’ll have many questions. Upon beginning with us, we provide a FreshRankings Specialist who will be your “go-to” person to manage your account and serve as a liason between your team and ours.

What is Internet Optimization?

Google is a popularity contest. FreshRankings will make you “top of class.”

Internet Optimization, also known as SEO, is the next evolution in marketing and advertising. Search Engine Optimization is a cyclical process of optimizing the internal and external web presence of a business online in order to increase the traffic the site receives on popular search engines.

Search engines have four main functions – crawling, building an index, calculating relevancy and rankings, and serving results to people searching online.

For a search engine like Google, they are measuring websites by specific criteria that calculates how much value they are adding to the global community. The websites with the most benefit to offer are rewarded with the highest rankings on the results pages.

Why Does My Company Need Internet Optimization?

The majority of web traffic is driven by the most popular search engines: Google and Bing. In fact, an estimated 93% of web traffic comes from organic search. If your content is not ranking high for the search terms in your marketplace, then you are robbing your business of the huge opportunities available. The companies who are investing in Internet Optimization are securing their own longevity, and expanding their business at the same time.

Search queries, or the keywords typed into the search box that are best suited for a product or service which companies are trying to rank for, carry an extraordinary value. Ranking in top positions for these keywords can be the catalyst to make a company a shining leader in their marketplace.

As these practices become more widely used, it becomes increasingly difficult for stragglers to catch up. Each month, FreshRankings provides its customers the type of fuel necessary to propel business far ahead of their competitors. Once we achieve top rankings, we do not let up on the gas. The FreshMethod is a 365 day-per-year endeavor. While many SEO companies become complacent, we are constantly fine tuning our system to stay ahead of the curve, and keeping ahead of the criteria mandated by search engines requirements to the highest degree.


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