Reputation Management

How to Stop Search Engines from Damaging Your Brand

These days, reputation management must be a vital part of your online marketing strategy.

An estimated 93% of all Internet traffic comes from search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. If the top search results for your company are negative reviews from users, or other slanderous content, then these search results could quickly kill your brand’s reputation.

Risks of NOT using reputation management:

  • Negative comments about your business could reach the top of search results.
  • Harmful terms like “scam” & “ripoff” could be attached to your brand, even if they’re not true.
  • Bad reviews become the first thing that searchers see when searching for you.
  • Your entire brand reputation could be tarnished because of 1 bad comment or review

Worse yet, these damaging reviews can have a lasting effect too. If you’re not proactive about online reputation management, then these negative comments won’t go anywhere.

In fact, the longer they remain at the top and receive more clicks, the more “valuable” that information becomes in the eyes of Google. That means the longer you wait to take action, the harder it becomes to knock those bad comments out of sight.

A Proven, Effective Reputation Management Solution

Reputation management services from FreshRankings can help you clean things up, take control over search engine results, and remove those negative suggestions far from sight.

FreshRankings, a leading SEO and reputation management company, uses its proprietary technology to make sure that searchers are only seeing relevant, positive results about your businesses when using the top search engines.

How it works:

1.) Heavy promotion of positive content

Our proprietary Search Engine Reputation Management System aggressively promotes positive content about your business and brand. By pushing these positive suggestions more heavily, the negative search results are pushed down deeper into the Google “abyss.”In other words: when people search for your business, they will only see the most relevant links, information and positive suggestions about your brand. The negative stuff gets buried.

2.) Monthly measurement

Reputation management is only as good as the strategies used to measure it. That’s why FreshRankings uses an ongoing measurement process to monitor the success of its efforts.

Every month, we check the major search engines and take screenshots of results that contain negative suggestions. We then use that information to constantly adjust our strategy and focus on the terms that need the most help. Our job is to clean up those results until there are no bad suggestions to be found.

3.) Event triggers

FreshRankings makes it easy to monitor the progress of your reputation management campaigns. Our FreshMetrics™ analytics system allows specific events to be set, which show the effect of our strategy combined with the positive growth you see for your business.

For instance, if an event is set on July 31 that reads “Rip-off tag removed from Google,” and the analytics later show that your organic traffic jumped by 9% around that same time, then you can clearly see how our strategies resulted in a successful outcome.

Let’s Look at an Example


Let’s pretend you run a business called XYZ Vitamins.

When people search for “XYZ Vitamins” in Google, the #1 result is a link to your official website. Great! But, uh-oh – have you looked at the #2 spot?

The #2 result is an angry customer who wrote a scathing review of XYZ Vitamins. He says your products are “a waste of money,” “total garbage,” and he puts the nail in the coffin with: “DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY.”

Since all of this is in the #2 spot on Google, there’s a good chance most searchers will see it. Well, those people will certainly think twice about buying your vitamins.


By using Reputation Management Services from FreshRankings, that angry review is long gone. Now, when people search for “XYZ Vitamins,” they only see things like: your official website, your Facebook page, your other social media pages, positive reviews about your business, and so on.


Since XYZ Vitamins is based heavily on direct Internet sales, they see a clear improvement in online earnings once those negative comments are gone. But more importantly, the efforts have improved their overall image and public perception, which results in endless long-term benefits, especially if the company remains proactive about their reputation management.

How long does it take to see results?

The time it takes to clean up search results varies based on different factors, such as how often people are searching for certain terms and how long the negative suggestions have been in place. Constant changes in Google’s algorithms (which aren’t released publicly) also make it impossible to provide an exact projection.

However, using FreshRankings’ Online Reputation Management Tools, you can typically see a significant difference within the first 3 months. Within the first month, we can usually gauge what we’re up against to make a determination of when our strategies will begin to show the biggest results.

Ongoing Reputation Management is Key

No matter how you decide to manage your reputation online, once you stop, there is no guarantee that those negative comments won’t come back.

Even if the negative tags are removed out of sight within the first three months, it is highly recommended that you continue the campaign as an “insurance policy” to prevent those damaging results from returning.

Plus, by using FreshRankings’ Reputation Management Services, you can focus efforts on positive search results once the negative suggestions are cleared up. End result: Your business maintains a solid, positive reputation online and builds the customer trust it deserves.

As one of the top Internet marketing companies in the U.S., FreshRankings also offers a variety of services that have tripled the profits of some of its clients. Get in touch with FreshRankings today to see how its tools and technology can propel your business.