SEO Tips: Give Google What It Wants

With Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social platforms growing at a rapid pace SEO companies have been trying to understand what Google is paying attention to and how it’s effecting search engine optimization and rankings in Google.

Although, this video is a hilarious parody about how much data Google has about our activities on the web and in life in general, it should also give you insight into the detail of data that Google and others are trying to understand to deliver a better experience for the people using their various tools and platforms (search, social, etc).  On top of a better experience they want to gather as much information about you as possible so that advertisers can run very targeted ads on their network so that you will see ads that you actually want to click on and products you actually want to buy.

On the surface, it seems like they know too much about us all.  In my opinion, I’m willing to allow them access to this “life data” because I prefer to have a better experience when using these services.  It creates convenience and ultimately improves my quality of life.  Keep this in mind when you have those moments of “they know more about me than I do, aren’t they breaking privacy laws?”.  You are one of billions of people they are collecting data on so don’t get “freaked out” about it.

Your Search Engine Optimization Backdoor…

As you saw in the video, they mention that Google is a great “listener”.  This is very true because without the ability to listen to “conversations” it’s hard to understand what people want when they are searching the web.  This is your opportunity to help Google better understand what you have to offer to people and the marketplace.  Creating conversation (blogging, Tweeting, engaging on Facebook and Google+) while using the keywords you want to rank for in Google is imperative and it’s an easy way to create a search engine optimization “backdoor” that many others are not taking advantage of.

Here’s a great example…

Write a blog post about something new, cool or fun in your niche.  Keep the post focused on 1 or 2 main keywords.  Include a video if you can for higher engagement with your visitors.  Include some form of free tips, information or something of value to the person checking out your post.

Be sure to have the ReTweet, Facebook Like and Google +1 button on your blog post for easy sharing!

Once your post is complete, write a simple email to your list of customers and/or prospects (you do have a list, right?) and tell them this in the email: “If you like the <video, information, etc> please share it with others and tell me what you think in the comments area”

By doing this, you are telling your tribe what to do (most of us appreciate this) after engaging with your new content.  This will in turn give Google the signals they are “listening” for to give your content and website the ranking recognition it deserves.

You Can Be Your Own Search Engine Optimization Ninja

With the example above, I hope that you can now understand how you and/or your staff can have a very BIG impact on your overall search engine rankings by following this protocol.  Google is listening, are you creating conversations that will improve your search engine optimization success?

Love it?  Hate it?  Let me know.  Leave a comment…

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