SEO Services Checklist:

How to Spot Bogus SEO Firms & Hire a Skilled Company to Make You Money


Picture of SEO ServicesSEO services are in more demand than ever before. Can you wonder why? Today, more than 90 percent of all traffic on the Web comes from searches on Google, Bing and Yahoo. If your website isn’t showing up on the first few pages of results, then no one will find you.

But beware: before you break the bank on SEO services, make sure you know who you’re hiring. As the demand for search engine optimization (SEO) grows, so does the number of bogus SEO companies.

If you’re not careful who you employ to “optimize” your site, you could be ripped off by thousands of dollars or be left with a website that alienates your customers and the search engines.

Use the FreshRankings’ Search Engine Optimization Services Checklist below to make sure you partner with a legitimate, skilled company that can:

  • Increase your site’s visibility on Google, Bing and other search engines
  • Drive more visitors to your site from natural / organic Web searches
  • Boost sales of key products or services through targeted keyword optimization
  • Generate more leads for your sales teams
  • Build your site’s value using clean, “white hat” Search Engine Optimization services
  • Improve your business’s reputation and build loyalty via optimized social media efforts

Questions to Ask When Searching for SEO Services

Before choosing an SEO services company, use this checklist as a guide to finding the right firm. The list below includes key things to look for, what to ask the sales representative, and which red flags to avoid.

1.  Has the firm generated real results for other clients?

This one is crucial. You don’t want to waste money on SEO services that don’t work. Make sure the firm can prove that it has extensive experience with Internet optimization, and that it has produced quantifiable results for its clients.

What to ask:
– Can you show me examples of other sites you’ve optimized?
– Do you have specific before-and-after numbers on the results you generated?
– What is the average ROI for clients who use your Search Engine Optimization services?


Experienced SEO companies like FreshRankings have the numbers to back up their services. Consider this: In just 12 months, FreshRankings’s Search Engine Marketing services helped increase profits from $6.5 million to $13 million for Strutmasters, an online seller of automotive parts.

2.  Are they based in the U.S.?

You may be tempted to look for the cheapest SEO services India has to offer. But choosing an overseas company can be very risky. Unfortunately, there are many bogus firms out there who:

  • Don’t have much SEO experience but simply want to take your money
  • Use ineffective, outdated or risky SEO strategies that could hurt your site’s ranking
  • Don’t have a strong enough command of the English language to optimize your site correctly

You should strongly consider partnering with a firm like FreshRankings that is based in the United States and has a proven track record helping American companies and businesses abroad too.

3.  Are they clear about the SEO services and strategies they use?

Make no mistake. Bogus SEO companies will gladly take your money without ever explaining what they’ll do to optimize your site. Don’t fall into this trap.

Make sure you know exactly which search engine optimization tactics will be used for your business. Make sure you understand it. If you have questions about anything, get answers first.

What to ask:
– What is your process for SEO? What exactly do you do?
– What are your off-site methods of optimization?
– How do your Search Engine Marketing services compare to your competitors’ strategies?

4.  What are the goals?

Another big one. When selecting an SEO firm, everyone must be on the same page about the ultimate goals. For example: are you expecting more sales? More leads data? More phone calls? The desired results must be very clear from the start, so you know what to expect and how to measure results.

What to ask:
– What expectations should I have?
– How exactly will your Search Engine Optimization services help my business?

5.  How much does it cost?

Don’t be fooled by those offering cheap SEO services. Some companies will claim to offer the most affordable SEO services, but then they smack you with huge monthly fees and add-on services that are buried deep in their contract.

Be sure you know exactly what the costs are – and that you’re paying for realistic results! FreshRankings’ professional Search Engine Optimization Services require no contracts, and we outline all the recommended strategies and costs with you before getting started.

What to ask:
– What exactly am I paying for?
– Is there a one-time fee or monthly rate?
– Do you require a contract?

6.  Is there customer service?

When you have questions, you must be able to get answers. Make sure you choose a company with good customer service – real, live representatives who are available to answer your questions. If an SEO firm is slow to get back to you during the selection process, then it’s best to look elsewhere.

What to ask:
– Who can I talk to when I have questions?
– What are the different ways I can reach you?

7.  Do they offer additional services to increase your results?

Let’s face it – SEO can be huge for a business, but it’s not everything. A good SEO firm should offer a wide range of services to fit the individual needs of your business.

Services like PPC (pay-per-click) advertising and social media marketing are just a few of the additional ways that businesses can generate more traffic and revenue. If you find a company offering only SEO (and nothing else), then you have to wonder if they truly understand the complexity of Internet marketing.

What to ask:
– What else do you offer besides Search Engine Optimization services?
– Which marketing avenues will produce the best results for my business?

FreshRankings offers a full lineup of services (on top of SEO) including PPC/SEM campaigns, reputation management, social media marketing and more.

Every online business will have its own unique marketing needs, so it’s best to partner with a company that can cater its Search Engine Marketing services to you.

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