Top 5 Volusion SEO Mistakes that Can Kill Your Sales…

…and Get Your Site Blacklisted.

Been searching for the right Volusion SEO services? Chances are you’ve probably already stumbled across dozens of questionable SEO companies. Worst yet, you may have wasted thousands of dollars on SEO that did nothing for your business except drop an anchor on your bottom line.

Business-owners beware: the wrong Volusion SEO tactics could do a lot more harm than simply emptying your wallet.

If you or your SEO “partner” is using outdated, deceptive optimization strategies, it could result in your entire Volusion business being banned from search engines like Google and Bing.

Bad Experience with Volusion SEO Services?

As a Volusion store owner, you probably already understand the value of search engine optimization (SEO). You just don’t know the best way to do it, or you’ve tried it but haven’t seen any results – from Volusion or anyone else.

Sound familiar?

  • Huge, expensive contracts just to maintain your Volusion SEO on a monthly basis?
  • A constant stream of unexpected fees and costs that your Volusion SEO provider didn’t tell you about before?
  • A lack of clear answers or explanations about the optimization strategies that are being used for your Volusion business?
  • False promises of getting your site to the “number 1 spot” on Google, when your site is still buried several pages behind other search results? Overseas SEO companies that are damaging your site with poor English and grammatical mistakes?
  • An actual DROP in your traffic, or no change whatsoever?

FACT: Your Volusion SEO doesn’t have to be this way – and it shouldn’t!

To get real results, you must partner with an Internet Optimization company that has extensive experience specifically with Volusion SEO.

FreshRankings is a U.S.-based company that has a proven track record of helping Volusion e-Commerce sites increase their traffic and sales astronomically.

What’s the difference between FreshRankings and other Volusion SEO Services?

SEO guidelines are changing constantly. But the vast majority of SEO companies haven’t kept up. These companies are using old, ineffective strategies that actually do more harm than good.

Here are just a few of these “black hat” SEO tactics that can hurt your site:

5 Worst Mistakes that Volusion SEO Providers Make:

1) Insane Keyword Stuffing.
Sure, good keywords are needed to optimize your Volusion site. But if the keyword density is too high, then the search engines will actually lower the value of your site, knocking your ranking down.

2) Bad Link Building & Link Farming.
Did your Volusion SEO guy suggest creating a page with tons of random links to questionable sites (with the hope they’ll link back to your site)? Sorry, but Google has been frowning upon this strategy for years now. If you’re getting irrelevant links from “low-value” websites or “link farms,” Google will consider your site to be of low value too, and will sink your search ranking accordingly.

3) Deceptive URL Redirecting.
A good domain name can help your search ranking – but only if used correctly. It’s bad practice to use extra domain names for the sole purpose of loading an keyword-stuffed page, which then redirects automatically to your primary Volusion site.

4) Hidden Text.
This may have worked back in 2001. But today, search engines are savvy enough to know when you’re hiding text for the purpose of keyword stuffing (making the same color as the background, making it too small to read, etc.) They will penalize you for it by burying your site in search results.

5) Duplicate Content.
Classic example for Volusion businesses: You sell a plaid shirt online, available in 10 different colors. So, you create 10 different pages, 1 for each color, but you keep all the copy the same, hoping the repetition of “plaid” keywords will boost your ranking. Well, not a good idea. Creating more content is great for search. But if you’re simply duplicating copy across several pages, Google will think you’re trying to cheat the system and will penalize you for it.

Compare: A Better Way to Optimize Your Volusion Business

Volusion SEO must be handled very carefully – by a skilled team that is already experienced with this e-commerce platform.

FreshRankings has proven itself as the leader in Volusion SEO, helping businesses skyrocket their profits online. The biggest difference? Unlike the majority of other SEO firms using outdated practices, FreshRankings’ methods are constantly being refined to keep up with rapidly changing guidelines set by Google.

Not only that, but FreshRankings is clear and upfront about all its Volusion SEO methods. No surprises or confusing tech jargon.

With FreshRankings, you always know what you’re getting and what to expect:

  • No contracts
  • A proven system for boosting search traffic (and sales)
  • Quantifiable results, always focused on your bottom line
  • Cutting-edge metrics, so you always see the results of your Volusion SEO

PPC, reputation management, and social media marketing also available to businesses who need it

Another key difference? FreshRankings is focused on results. Its teams are skilled, tech-savvy, entrepreneurial-minded people who strive to make each customer a global market leader.

Want proof? You should. Many SEO companies can’t back up their claims with real examples. But with over 10 years of development, FreshRankings’ has real customer case studies that provide undeniable proof that its Volusion SEO will boost traffic and ROI.

The proof is in the numbers…

Volusion SEO Success Story: Strutmasters

In 2010, sales were flat at Strutmasters – a once prosperous e-commerce business for auto suspension parts.

After getting zero results from other SEO firms, Strutmasters came to FreshRankings for their profit-building Volusion SEO strategies. Within 1 year, Strutmasters’ profits jumped from $6.5 million a year to over $13 million.

Business boomed so much that Strutmasters was able to sell the business for tens of millions of dollars in 2011 – which wouldn’t have been possible without the results that FreshRankings produced.

“From day one, the FreshRankings’ approach was completely different from what other self-described SEO ‘experts’ had supplied in the past. FreshRankings is an American company with a business-centric focus and a high level of accountability. They immediately dedicated a specialist to work with me, and provided specific tools to track our sales progress—very different from the previous SEO firms, who gave us nothing more than some obscure back link-building.”  Chip Lofton, CEO Strutmasters

Grow Your Volusion Business with SEO that Delivers Results

Volusion business-owners like yourself can’t afford to use ineffective, outdated optimization tactics.

One wrong strategy could place your site way behind your competitors – or worse yet, ban it completely from the top search engines.

Why take that risk?

Contact FreshRankings to learn how you can generate more traffic and sales revenue with world-class Volusion SEO.